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Over the counter and prescription diet pills:-
Before we even start, we need to talk to teenagers. Our view is that teenagers should not take any form of diet pill whatsoever unless it is done under medical supervision. Equally important is EXERCISE! You need to exercise regularly! Teenagers should eat a proper balanced diet which includes all the vitamins, minerals and the correct balance of the major food groups. This is absolutely essential for proper growth and development. The diet should include plenty of water. If you are an overweight teenager, have a proper diet planned for you which includes an exercise regime. Your doctor, a registered dietitian or a fitness instructor will help you if required. Teenagers need to understand that a proper diet is an investment in the future! If you are convinced you need an aid, please look at our other diet products page first!

Non prescription diet pills generally do not make a big difference in how much you lose each week or how long you keep the weight off. If you are going to buy them, ensure you read the label carefully. Be particularly careful of the listed side effects and never take more than the recommended dose. Non prescription pills should also not be taken with over the counter cough and cold medicine or OTC pain killers. These medicines often contain the same drugs as the non prescription diet pills and the combination may push the quantity of the drug in your system over the safe limit with severe consequences. Before taking any cough and cold medicine or pain preparations in conjunction with ANY diet pills, consult your pharmacist and ensure they know which diet pill you are taking.

Prescription diet pills generally are far more effective. They are, however, not guaranteed to help and like all diet pills, they need to be taken in combination with a proper diet plan. The mere fact that they require a prescription indicates that they are a more powerful drug than over the counter diet preparations. They require a prescription. They are routinely prescribed online and this is done quite legitimately. US law permits online consultation for various obesity and other conditions. You are required to fill in an online questionnaire which is then sent off to a physician who will review your information and prescribe the necessary diet pills. Normally no physical examination is made and the prescription pills are delivered by an overnight courier. The most commonly used prescription diet pills are the phentermines. These are sold as Phentermine, Adipex and Ionamin. Other preparations include Xenical, Meridia, Bontril, Tenuate and Didrex. Generally the phentermines are the cheapest and the most widely used. If you are going to use them, you must follow the dispensing doctor's instructions carefully. You need to make sure you can legally get the online medication in your state. States such as Nevada and Florida prohibit the online ordering of scheduled drugs. You also need to ensure you are getting your prescriptions from a genuine US registered doctor and a properly accredited US pharmacy.

If you are going to order prescription diet pills online.
Look for a site that:-
  • Explains the health risks of the medication.
  • Explains the costs.
  • Offers free consultations.
  • Is a secure transaction site and protects your personal details.
  • Is discreet.
  • Offers Delivery.
  • Offers online order tracking.
Active Phentermine Online is an example of a good phentermine site. They don't sell or dispense phentermine themselves but there is a lot of information about Phentermine, Ionamin and Adipex which are the most popular weight loss drugs.

If you are going to buy online, the calculator at Absolutely Cheapest Phentermine Price Comparison queries the top twelve pharmacies online and provides a price comparison based on your zip code. From there you can get to an online pharmacy who will dispense the diet medication you want.

If you would like a site with a heavy feminine bias, and equally comprehensive diet pill information, try:- 1800 Buy Phentermine Online. This site provides comprehensive information on all the major prescription diet pills in a well laid out and easy to understand format. These drugs include the major eight prescription diet medications.

Before Signing up for any Weight Loss program, you should do the research and find out exactly what you are in for. You also need to consult your doctor or a registered dietitian who is capable of assessing you on a personal basis.

You may wish to look over our Diet Product page for alternative weight loss products before you order phentermine or one of the more powerful diet pills.
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"What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows." - ALEXANDRA STODDARD.

"The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age." - LUCILLE BALL.

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