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Are my Kids fat?
Overweight Children:-
OK! So you are all grown up!! What about the kids? 13% of all the children between ages 6 to 17 in the US are obese. Numerous studies show that proper nutrition is a critical component of your children's lives. Overeating and undereating are equally critical and your child's health is directly effected by what you feed him or her.

Weighing too much can make exceedingly difficult to keep up with your friends on the playground, the baseball diamond or the soccer field. It may also seriously impair your child's natural body rythm and daily function. We will not get into things like base mineral any calcium deficiencies! Kids who are overweight, may not be getting the right nutritional input. This includes the base elements. In particular stay away from a diet that contains a high fat and caloric content. Make sure their diet contains lots of fruit and vegetables and that your kids drink water.. Being overweight may be linked to other significant health problems. These include heart and kidney disease, breathing/asthma and/or sleep difficulties. Look after your kids from the start and you (and they) will be eternally grateful The cost of medicines and surgical procedures has spiraled beyond belief.

Beware of teenage fad diets. Teens' extreme eating habits - which have also been labeled disordered and dysfunctional - can result in serious health problems, even death. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is another major factor in teenage diet generated problems and disorders.

Watch what your children eat. There is further information here.
Listen to Granpa!
Exercise for Kids is another extremely important component. Make sure your kids are out there playing sport. Ensure its an aerobic sport as well. Exercise enhances muscle and skeletal structure and builds general body tone. Encourage your children and support them. They will reap the benefit of a regular exercise regimen!

Fat man: Only a little boy gone to waist! - ANONYMOUS

"And what will you do, little girl, when you get as big as your mother?" - "Diet!"

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