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Weight loss journal
Keep a record of your progress:-
Successful weight loss requires careful attention to your daily diet and exercise. In essence you are making a conscious life style choice. There is no easy way - you are in it for the long haul. Once you have made the decision to alter your image and the way you live, you have to implement it and keep on implementing it for the rest of your life. Sometimes it will be real hard to do this. Sometimes you will lose heart and want to hurl in the towel. Your journal is a hard record of what you have achieved so far. Use and look at your achievements when you are down or unmotivated.

Keeping a record or weight loss journal of the foods you eat, the exercises you do and the weight you lose is an excellent way to adhere to a weight loss program and keep you motivated. Sometimes its hard to share your successes with others and having a permanent record on paper or on your computer is an excellent way of demonstrating your progress to yourself and others.

There are many ways to do this:-

  • Use a diary
  • Use a scrapbook
  • Use a loose leaf file
  • Use a photo album
  • Use a commercial spreadsheet like Excel
  • Use an online one.
This is a personal record for yourself and you can put anything you like in it. Here are a few typical weight loss journal topics:-

  • Your goals and the time frame.
  • Your successes.
  • Your milestones.
  • Inspiration, role models, other success stories.
  • Your daily diet program.
  • Your weight.
  • Your weight loss.
  • Calories consumed.
  • Fat, carbohydrates and protein intakes.
  • What exercise you did and for how long.
  • Medical/dietitian visits.
  • Personal Health Items
  • Recipes that work.
  • Magazine and press clippings or articles.
  • Personal Comments.

Its always a good idea to start your journal off with a goal. This should be what you aim to be. This not only gives you a target but in your mind's eye you will have a vision of the new you. Do not set unrealisitic goals! Set something attainable and when you get there you will have a milestone under your belt. You can then set a new goal.

The second thing that needs to go in your journal is your diet and exercise plan. This is just as important as setting a goal. You need to have plan as to how you are going to get there. Remember you need to eat a proper balanced diet!! Get a registered dietitian to give you a properly planned eating schedule that suits your lifestyle. Good dietitians will taylor make your new diet to suit the type of life you live and the people who you share your life with.

Scrapbooking is a fun way of keeping a weight loss journal. Scrap books are immensely flexible and provide hours of entertainment. Its a great hobby as well. Many successful weight loss people have used scrap books as an aid. The big beauty of a scrap book is the ability to keep notes and add photographs such as before and after shots. Some people put clothes label sizes in their scrap book.

Listen to Granpa!

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand." - ANONYMOUS

"The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger." - CHRIS O'BRIEN

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