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The Am i Fat Recipe Book:-
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We need your favorite low fat recipes please:-
We are building up a collection of low fat recipes. We need your help! Our surfers have sent us hundreds of requests for special tried and tested recipes to help on the road to weight loss. There is no need to suffer from "cardboard" or boring food in your quest for the new you. Furthermore your family will benefit from a low fat balanced diet which is crammed with variety. Spices are generally not fattening so there is no excuse for bland food. Our recipe section is divided into categories. Please take a few minutes and share your favorites with us. You will be making a difference in someone else's life. This resource is about being healthy.

When you send us a recipe, please make sure that you send us all the quantities and oven temperatures etc. This makes using the recipe a pleasure rather than a hassles. So for example if its a tin - please tell us what size tin you use. Or if its self raising flour - tell us its self raising flour not just flour.

Please support us by adding a a link to us or using our tell a friend facility which is here.

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The Am i Fat Recipe Book:-
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