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  • Feminist Women's Health Center  Feminist Women's Health Center provides empowering information about abortion and reproductive freedom - so women may determine their own destinies.

  • Women's Health Information  A UK-based site by an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, containing detailed information on pregnancy complications, miscarriage, infertility and other women's health issues.

  • Her Health and Beauty  Free samples, articles, and tips for Women. Information on beauty, makeup, diet and nutrition.

  • Beauty Product Reviews  Find out what other people have to say about beauty products you'd like to try. Choose from editors' and readers' favourites.


"One of life's mysteries is how a 1kg box of candy can make a woman gain 2kg." - ANONYMOUS

"She fitted into my biggest armchair as if it had been built round her by someone who knew they were wearing armchairs tight about the hips that season" - P. G. WODEHOUSE

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